We are on the look-out for dynamic individuals that bring energy and passion to their work. Just like us.

You want to get involved?

Please contact us if you are one of the following:

Teachers, Scientists, Researchers, Journalists, solicitors, financial advisers, bankers, accountants, Business Advisers, software developers and engineers, web developers and computer engineers, video editors, product designers, business and any other professionals, business people are welcome to take this community to next level of success.

We are planning the following projects in the future:

Muslim directory, Online stores, Broadband, and energy supply companies, Supermarkets and food wholesalers, Slaughterhouse, and butchers, Restaurants and Coffee shops, Shopping centers, Factories (food production, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, ….), halal Banks and many other projects in the future.

Priority projects we are Starting with: Online stores we have, coming soon, Muslim directory, broadband and energy supply company, supermarket and grocery wholesale

Teacher and education professionals:

We need help from teachers and educational professionals to design the best education program in the world, as this is the main purpose of the project.

We are aiming to open our first school starting from nursery to college level within the next 24 months for this we need people to get involved to start working on this project for the future of our children, we would like the program to be complete and diverse and we would like our children to be smart, educated, wise and physically fit.

App developers and software engineers

This is a call to all Muslims who want to participate and help build this community and take this idea to the next level.

The profit made by MMI will be invested in our community mainly by building and funding schools, then building sport and social-cultural centers, educating discipline and developing our community’s social skills and ability to become producers, not consumers.

Join Our Big Family!